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HGS - Familia Guanipa Perú
Hi again!

I like having you here. As I said before, I have been working completely remotely on web development for the last 4 years. All my way was always marked for what I saw entrepreneurs needed (I declare myself one of this type).

I saw that we needed fast webs, so I went deep to understand this concept to make cleaner code, use less libraries, better servers and architectures.

But besides this, we also needed good content, order this content technically right on the code and this took time for me to study SEO and copywriting.
A small business does not need fancy websites with crappy architecture and content. What businesses need is websites with designs that match their brand, and clarify their digital message (it is not the same to greet someone with a "Good Morning" and a smile that do that on a website) so the website needs to have the personality on the brand and also match that with good analysis of competitors, keywords, data and great performance.

I saw this as an extended need, so we are funding this 2023

All of this is happening while I am moving to Brazil after living in Peru with my family for 5 years. I'm learning a 4th language, homeschooling my children and knowing a new culture.
HGS - Hugo Guanipa Brazil
I'm always working on improving my work and finding new challenges. Is your project the next challenge?

My tech stack

Some of the tools I use on a daily basis


One of the most useful tools in my arsenal for design and editing is my favorite software. It offers a plethora of capabilities that have significantly streamlined my workflow, reduced the amount of time spent on revisions, and facilitated seamless collaboration with my clients.


When it comes to website development, there are few platforms that can compare to Wordpress. Not only was it the first platform I used to make a website, but it also boasts countless advantages that make it an optimal choice for creating well-optimized projects with minimal resources.


Over the past 2 years, I've gained extensive experience utilizing the Hubspot CRM platform. It's an impressively comprehensive and fully integrated system that constantly evolves to provide an ideal setting for pursuing increasingly complex projects.


VSCode is my first choice for code editing. It has a strong and supportive community and offers remarkable integrations that allow real-time testing of all code. This editor is an efficient and reliable tool that enhances my coding experience.


GreenSock is a collection of exceptional javascript tools that allow me to enhance the visual appeal of projects through dynamic animations. This toolset boasts remarkable performance and is able to support a wide range of DOM elements, offering great flexibility.


Sass just like TaildwindCSS and other CSS frameworks helps me to deliver well known and standard code to style the projects. I don't use it in all projects (usually I use a very small custom framework), but it is very useful for consistency on large projects.


Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for SEO. Gives me most of the data I need to improve the online visibility of my clients' projects. Especially for keyword and topic research, competitor analysis and more.


I have been working with this tiny javascript framework for at least a year and it has been really helpful for me because it is incredibly fast and high performance.


It is my project and task management software. It makes my work a lot easier. Cubicl combines task management, project planning, team collaboration, and clients in one place.

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